We provide a variety of surgical services to help address health issues that require it. Call Boca Raton ObGyn Patricia Chen if you require any of the below services. Talk to Dr. Chen about any of the following procedures: Endometrial Biopsy, Endometrial ablation, LEEP procedure, Permanent Sterilization, Tubal ligation, laparoscopic tubal & reversal, Colposcopy, Hysterectomy – vaginal, abdominal, laparoscopic, Urodynamic Testing for Urinary Problems, Urinary incontinence surgery


Laparoscopy, often called “belly-button” surgery, because the doctor makes a small incision very close to the navel. After surgery, this relatively small opening can be closed with only one or two stitches that can be covered with a small bandage. Laparoscopy is a valuable tool for the diagnosis and treatment of cysts, scar tissue (adhesions), endometriosis, and ectopic pregnancy.


Hysteroscopy is a diagnostic and surgical procedure that makes examining the inside of the uterus possible without making an incision. During a hysteroscopy, a thin lighted tube is inserted through the vagina and cervix and into the uterus. Typically, the procedure is performed to diagnose or treat abnormal bleeding.

Preventative Care

In gynecology, routine wellness exams and preventative screenings are some of the most important things you can do. We strive to provide a full range of women’s health and wellness services, including gynecology, for women of all ages.

In-Office Surgical Services

For your convenience, Dr. Chen offers in-office, minimally invasive gynecological procedures.  They require minimal recovery times and are 30 minutes.

Surgical Services

Dr. Chen is well-versed on modern medical technology and will consult with you regarding the best procedure for the desired surgical result. She performs a variety of surgical services to meet the needs of every patient.

Personal attention. Total wellness care.

No matter what gynecological issue you have, whether it’s an abnormal pap smear, STD, endometriosis, or the need for contraception, the doctor will inform you of your treatment options, listen to your concerns and help you make treatment choices that are best for you.

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