Pregnancy is a time that is filled with a multitude of emotions. Pregnancy nutrition is a critical step in a healthy pregnancy and baby. From sheer joy and excitement to panic and uncertainty.  At no other time in your life will you experience the rollercoaster of emotions and feelings as you will when you’re pregnant. Preparing your mind and your body will allow for a smooth transition from pregnancy to delivery and beyond. Having a clear understanding of how to care not only for your growing baby but for your body as well will have a profoundly positive impact on both of you.

Pregnancy Nutrition – Providing Your Baby the Healthiest of Beginnings

Research has clearly demonstrated that lifelong health starts in the womb.  From the food we eat to the toxins and chemicals we are exposed to, moods, stress, and fitness all have an impact on our child’s health.  We want to create the best and healthiest environment for your child from the start.

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Pregnancy Nutrition / Prenatal Nutrition Program: Healthy Eating for Two!

Dr. Chen has partnered with Meryl Brandwein Nutrition to offer a Prenatal Pregnancy Program that is perfect for developing lifelong healthy habits for you and baby! This easy to follow guide, combined with Dr. Chen’s supervision, is designed to ensure that you are receiving the right nutrition at every step along your pregnancy journey.

This program will help you in:

  • Creating the right environment for your baby
  • Explain stress and tips for keeping stress at bay
  • Nutrients necessary for baby’s growth and health during each trimester
  • Meal plan suggestions for healthy eating that will keep you and baby satisfied and reduce cravings.

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