Our obstetrics personal care services designed to give mom and baby the healthiest of beginnings!

Boca ObGyn Dr. Patricia Chen‘s passion for her patients is what drives her obstetrics practice. She believes that having a positive outlook and treating her patient’s with a calm and guiding manner is best suited for the pregnancy journey. To ensure the health of your baby, Dr. Chen provides complete prenatal care. Dr. Chen also emphasizes yoga, nutrition, and exercise in making this the healthiest of beginnings for mom and baby. Our office environment is clean, pleasant, stress-free and comfortable. We respect all patients and their families. Every patient case is an individual one. Our primary concern is for mom’s health during and after pregnancy and the baby’s health and growth. Planning for a pregnancy or before labor and delivery are critical. Dr. Chen works closely with her patients, whether deciding on the best time for a pregnancy or planning for a birth. Good health, proper nutrition and healthy behaviors before you conceive can increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Dr. Chen Provides The Following Obstetrics Services:

Prenatal counseling • Pregnancy testing • Comprehensive prenatal care • In-office ultrasound • Fetal assessment and monitoring • Management of high-risk pregnancy • Management of multiples • Delivery options including elective or cesarean section • Routine pregnancy, high-risk pregnancy, and high-risk prenatal care • Advanced maternal age • natural birth • Cord blood banking options • Circumcision

Dr. Chen is a member of the Women’s Wellness Center

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Pregnancy and Pre-natal Personal Care

Every pregnancy is unique. It has its own challenges, ups, and downs. Each patient is unique. We approach every individual patient with that in mind. We are dedicated to providing only the best care.  We will be your active partner in this pregnancy journey. Our devotion and care are the only concern we have. We want to make sure mom and baby have the healthiest of beginnings.

We love our patients. Here is what they have to say…

  • Dr. Chen-a smart wonderful Docter. She is Very kind & patient, a good person shines through the way she treats/cares for you. My very highest recommendation. The office staff also follows her lead.They call you back with answers to your questions. They follow up and make Appointments.Dr Chen called me personally. She removed polyps, did a D&C, biopsy's and other "stuff ". I am a petrified & scared patient. I'm in my 50's. She was really terrific. My highest respect and recommendation for her.

    Wendy S. in Boca Raton, FL
  • Dr. Chen is an extremely caring physician. I received some negative test results but she eased my anxiety by providing me with a detailed plan of action to improve the situation. I trust her guidance.

    A Patient from Boca Raton, FL
  • Everyone makes you feel welcome and comfortable. The office has more of a "spa" vibe and is very soothing. Dr, Chen is absolutely amazing. Being a woman, she gets it and understands completely when you ask her a question or have concerns.

    Patient from Boynton Beach, FL
  • Over the last 5 years, I've had 2 amazingly easy pregnancies and deliveries with Dr. Chen! Her longtime wonderful assistant, Maxine, is always a pleasure to see! I am very happy that they have moved to a smaller and warmer office...The front desk and other nursing staff were bright, smiley, and pleasant. I highly recommend them!

    Melissa in Coral Springs, Fl